Expand your Capabilities

Have a busy estate administration practice? If you specialize in estate planning, my knowledge and experience can complement your own on the administration end.
Currently turning away estate administration? If estate administration and tax return preparation aren’t your specialties, my expertise in these areas can increase the services you provide – making your practice more competitive and profitable.

Estate Administration, from start to finish

  • Identify and evaluate assets
  • Open probates
  • Retitle financial accounts to Estate or Trust with new EINs
  • Prepare and file estate tax return
  • Obtain expedited release of lien for sale of real estate
  • Evaluate opportunity for and prepare disclaimers
  • Manage sale or distribution of real estate
  • Distribute estate assets with Receipts and Releases
  • Close probate with final Accounts
  • Work closely with clients to help them understand and feel comfortable with the decisions they make
Gift, Estate & Fiduciary Income Tax Returns

  • Prepare gift, estate and fiduciary income tax returns for trusts and estates

Trust Administration

  • Advise on beneficiary rights and fiduciary obligations
  • Administer trusts including claiming and distribution of assets, preparation of tax returns and Accounts
  • Establish subtrusts to fund credit shelter or marital trusts, or make distributions

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